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Rediscovering Well-being, between nature and sustainability

Immerse yourself in relaxation and nature, rediscover yourself also thanks to the thousands of attentions dedicated not only to you, but to the entire environment that welcomes us all to the splendid Val di Fassa: at the Olympic SPA Hotel every occasion is a good one to dedicate yourself to your passions

Our aim is to create the best possible conditions to ensure maximum well-being for our guests. For all of us it is a journey, a long work that started many years ago and that leads us every day to try to understand what we can do, more or better, to improve our welcome and our hospitality.

One thing we have understood, step by step: that it is not possible to improve the wellbeing conditions of our guests if we have not also taken care, together with them, of many other aspects, linked to our territory, to the people who contribute every day to the work here at the Olympic SPA Hotel, to our Val di Fassa, this incredible community which has given us so much, and which can still offer us so much.
We have collected these elements in a list of values that we put at the centre of every action, values that give us the ideal push and the direction in which to aim.
We could sum it all up in a word that is as extraordinary as it is exploited and, in some cases, even vituperated: our drive for sustainability.

Ideal values, however, are not enough, they show us the way, but they must be accompanied by many choices and daily actions consistent with the values, which we list below, sure that we have forgotten something but confident that this list, season after season, will be enriched with other new elements.

We are in the Dolomites, this is nothing new. The Dolomites are not only extraordinary mountains for their beauty and the incredible activities they host, in all four seasons, but they are also such an important heritage that they are protected by Unesco, which has listed them as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. It is a project of the whole territory, sustainability and environmental protection are inherent in the culture of the Trentino and Ladin people, who have defended their land with responsibility for thousands of years.

We love working and collaborating with local craftsmen, using local products, bringing the nature that surrounds us inside our walls. The Olympic Spa Hotel is immersed in the Dolomites, nature can be perceived in every corner, all it takes is a little something to breathe it in and experience it, absorb its energy, receive its balance. The scent of pine, the warmth of wood, the aroma of hay, the light of the mountains pervade the rooms and pamper you during your days of peace and relaxation.
The atmosphere and furnishings are enhanced by their origins, the materials collected in the area with careful criteria, in close collaboration with local craftsmen.

We use KM0 cosmetics in the SPA. We like the idea of enveloping you with natural elements even when you relax in our SPA, of pampering you with the products of the "Te Jaga" line, where the natural active ingredients of hay, flowers and milk from our cows become beauty elixirs for your body, sustainable and deeply effective thanks to the purity of the raw materials.

The Fassa Valley is certainly not an agricultural valley; cultivation and production in the mountains are characterised by very low yields and difficult processes. Precisely for this reason, the products that come out of it are diverse: from malga cheeses to local butter, from officinal herbs to yoghurt, passing through fruit and vegetables and aromatic plants, they allow our chef to introduce a touch of originality into the kitchen and to add a lot of quality deriving from the passion of the small local producers with whom we work.

The crises of recent years have taught us not to take anything for granted, to approach every choice critically and to commit ourselves to respecting the territory and the people who work with us. We had the foresight to think ahead, and to invest in the production of sustainable, locally produced energy, and to commit ourselves to reducing consumption, consuming it rationally. We did this not so much for economic reasons but because we felt it was right. It is a way of thanking and respecting this land and this wonderful nature that hosts us, and of striving every day to minimise our environmental impact and make your holiday sustainable. We only use energy from renewable sources such as water and sunshine, biocompatible detergents, energy-saving light bulbs and machinery. In our hotel you will find very few single-serving products and plenty of alternative, green solutions to reduce waste starting with everyday behaviour.

Getting to the Olympic SPA Hotel by public transport is still not easy, and most of our guests reach us by car. This is why we have thought of rewarding our guests who have an electric car, guaranteeing four charging stations, free of charge for guests: the Olympic is a Tesla Destination Charger, and will soon activate two Porsche Destination Charging stations, so charging for those travelling by electric car will no longer be a problem.

One of the elements that we are most recognised for by our guests is the quality of the welcome, the warmth of the hospitality in which the Pellegrin family has always invested. But the great merit of this success is linked to the quality and attention that all our staff put in, every day, to make every moment here at the Olympic a special one. We are aware of this, and it is all the more reason why we place the well-being of our employees at the centre of our attention. Work is life, and that is why Olympic invests resources and time to create a comfortable, sustainable, pleasant working environment. It invests in increasing professionalism and personal satisfaction. It teaches an environmentally friendly working method and the enhancement of local culture, it works on listening and participation, in the knowledge that the involvement of all people is the way to continuous improvement.

Sustainability is a big, important word; using it means taking on a responsibility and a commitment, towards guests, towards employees, towards the community and towards the territory. We are aware of this, and we intend to honour this commitment by trying to improve on a daily basis, finding new ways and experimenting with new solutions, because we like to dream, with our eyes wide open.

And we also like to involve as much as possible those guests who, like us, share this approach. As of this year, a sustainable rate is available, a rate that also engages the guest, as well as us, in this path of protection and respectful growth in which we believe so strongly.

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