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The Sustainable Rate of the Olympic SPA Hotel and VAIA, together for a rebirth of our territory

Thanks to the sensitivity of guests with a greener soul, the Olympic SPA Hotel in Vigo di Fassa becomes the protagonist of a revolutionary initiative that we should all embrace to improve our planet: planting new trees to help reforest the area of the Dolomites.

Once again, our Olympic SPA Hotel in Vigo di Fassa takes the spotlight, thanks to the sensitivity of our guests with a greener soul. It is a revolutionary initiative, oriented towards transformation, which we should all embrace to improve our planet: planting new trees to help reforest the area of the Dolomites.


Who can forget the Vaia storm in October 2018, swirling through the Dolomite landscapes, tearing out the vegetation and leaving millions of trees on the ground? The brutal force of nature swallowed up a priceless forest heritage. This is an event that the local community and beyond still remembers today:  four harrowing days during which strong disturbances, wind and torrential rains shook much of the Northeast.


If the past cannot be erased, the present contains a precious beauty that is entirely in our hands.


Strengthened by a love for our Dolomites that welcome and protect us, we strongly felt the desire to forge a partnership with VAIA, a start-up born from the foresight of some young people united by the desire to create a new business model: to create a product to help restore the resources of an ecosystem.


Thus was born a unique project capable of transforming the dreams of relaxation in our Olympic Spa Hotel into a gesture of love, beauty and health for our Earth: the Sustainable Rate.


This is how it works: all of our guests supporting the planting of new trees will be given an object of art and regeneration with a functional as well as poetic value. The VAIA Cube is a sound amplifier, obtained from the wood of trees that crashed to the ground following the violence of the storm. The cube is capable of reproducing a warm and deep sound.

Thanks to the VAIA project, the "crashed wood" - a precious raw material that would have otherwise been wasted - is recovered and regenerated to create objects with a unique artistic and artisanal value. The sound amplifiers are the gift you will receive for the purchase of the Sustainable Rate at 65.00 euros: our "special thanks" for having chosen our structure as the destination of your holidays, thus helping to restore a lifeline and new energy to our territory.


For each product given - therefore for each sustainable rate purchased - a new tree comes to life. This initiative is close to VAIA’s heart, helping the environment to be reborn, but also relaunching workers in the timber sector, struck hard by the damage of the storm. The consequences of that event also had a catastrophic impact on the professional lives of local communities. Our project gives them the opportunity to return to work, thanks to the recovery of wood and the possibility of planting new trees.


Olympic Spa Hotel, your wellness holiday in Trentino that restores life to the wounded forest


The ambitious initiative of the Sustainable Rate stems from the need to focus on our guests. Our hotel in the Dolomites is already firmly committed to sustainability and the enhancement of the territory thanks to its new Natural Suites, partially buried in a slope and covered with grass. An atypical experience that increasingly attracts those who choose to experience a sustainable stay with an emotional impact.


If VAIA initially aims to recover the wood of the trees, destroyed by the brutal storm that hit the mountain area of the Dolomites and the Venetian Pre-Alps, razing entire forests to the ground, our structure goes further, aiming at the planting of new trees to revive forests and restore a future to the environment.


After all, sustainability without a concrete project remains an empty promise; an ethical goal without a real target, a beautiful story told but never lived.


And you? Are you ready to make a difference? Going on vacation has never been such a beautiful story, not only to tell, but also to relive thanks to a unique souvenir that can of evoke the slowly healing wounds of the forest and 'amplify' unforgettable memories laden with solidarity.


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