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Bed and Breakfast PLUS (B&B with afternoon snack)
Bed and Breakfast PLUS (B&B with afternoon snack)
Half Board PLUS (Half Board with afternoon snack)
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Natural SPA Chalet
Natural Suite Te Bosch
Natural Suite Te Aga
Suite Marmolada
Suite Malga
Suite Rallenta - Slow down
Suite Stua
Suite Ascoltati - Just for you
Suite Colores
Suite Omi
Suite Pordoi
Junior Suite Romantic
Junior Suite Catinaccio Rosengarten
Junior Suite Opa Carlo
Junior Suite Opa
Junior Suite Col Rodella
Junior Suite Dolomiti
Cuore Ladino
Cuore Ladino Small/Single room
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Inside the „Te Jaga“ Spa world

A good massage it’s an exchange of energy, that enables you to reach higher spheres and yet to completely ‘let go’

Massages in the Te Jaga SPA

Pleasure Silvia, I am your masseuse and I will take care of you in the Te Jaga Spa

„Te Jaga“. You’re surely asking yourself why we chose to give our spa such an unusual name. We’ll tell you our secret: “Te Jaga” stands for the traditional hay beds of the Val di Fassa valley farmers. All of the exhaustion they felt after the long working days completely disappeared after a restorative night on one of these beds. Today we know that a “hay bath” promotes wellbeing. That is exactly the kind of wellbeing we want to offer you in the “Te Jaga” spa: We want to bring balance back to your life by finding a treatment that is individually tailored to your needs. This could be a massage, a special kind of sauna, a “Kneipp” treatment or maybe even a healing chromo- or aromatherapy.

With every sensation, the right massage

A good massage is the perfect mix of ‘give and take’. It’s an exchange of energy, that enables you to reach higher spheres and yet to completely ‘let go’. See for yourself! We especially recommend the “relaxation massages”: they will help you overcome stress and free your mind. Or maybe go for the Anti-Stress “Te Jaga massage”: 80 minutes of silence and positive vibes will relax you and help you find new focus. This massage will treat your back, neck, face, arms, hands, legs and also includes reflexology.

If you want something energizing, look no further than our “mountain massage”! It’s a foot massage that helps your muscles relax, followed by a warm mountain herb oil treatment (hay,arnica and camomile).
You suffer from joint aches and inflammations? Try our “wool massage”! Soft wool pads and warm herb stamps will relieve your pain. We will tuck you into a warm cloth made from pure new wool that contains Lanolin and pampers your skin.

We also offer sports and posture massages. And let’s not forget our “Dorsalis Resonance” treatment! It loosens the muscles on your back and shoulders and improves your posture.
“Shirodhara” is an ayurveda treatment, where oil is poured over your forehead – and it guarantees absolute deep relaxation. It also calms the mind and improves your sleep.

That’s not nearly it though: We also offer draining, tightening and holistic massages and esoteric treatments such as “Lomi Lomi” – a traditional Hawaiian full body massage. It offers you wavelike touches that imitate the ocean… This way you can be in the mountains, yet by the sea!

An excellent bio cosmetic line designed specifically for you

The „Te Jaga“ Spa is a place where traditional rituals and ancient knowledge meet modern science. Our own functional and organic cosmetic line is the centerpiece. It is used for facial and body treatments, baths, peelings and other many other treatments. The scent alone already reminds you of the natural ingredients that are used to produce it: lemon balm, honey, blueberry, mountain pine, edelweiss, milk and hay. These purest of gifts from mother nature will give you vigour…

Come and visit us in the „Te Jaga“ Spa and let us pamper you. You deserve it!

Your „Te Jaga“ Team
Rosa, Silvia, Patrizia and Donatella